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Night Guide of Gdansk


Starts on Erasmus are not so easy. Apart from all the paperwork that must be done, finding a place to establish yourself for the next months and understanding how your destination city works can be really hard work. That’s why we try to give this guide for night life, to give some help for those starters who don’t know people or places.


Mondays: Mondays, without any doubts, belong to Pijalnia. This pub, located in Old Town, has a ‘happy hour’ every Monday evening until ten o’clock, where beers’ and shots’ prizes are reduced to half. Bad thing is that this plan is well known, so the place uses to be really crowded. If you can’t stand there, you can always go to other nearby pubs, such as Red Light, Scottish Pub or No To Cyk.


Tuesdays: Ok, you’re on Erasmus, but take it easy and have rest these days. Or you can try your luck in Kwadratowa or Autsajder in the Polytechnic.


Wednesday: Usually, Wednesdays are reserved for Na Druga Nozke, in Sopot, in the so known ‘Gaudí’s House’. There’s where most foreign students can be found. After some beers, it is usual to go to upstairs, where there are three different clubs. In one of them, Ego, Wednesdays are ladies’ nights, so they can enter for free.


Thursday: If you are going out on a Thursday, better to start early. Go to Old Town, have some beers in some pubs already mentioned and head to the Irish Pub, where other students will be. After this, you can stay there or go to one of the most famous clubs in Old Town: Parlament and Bunkier.


Fridays and Saturdays: Both days’ plans are similar. Usually, I would advice to go to Sopot, where, after some beers in Na Druga Nozke, you can go to many clubs, some of them only opened in weekend. For example, Libation and Three Sisters are very interesting places. For sure, you can try on Old Town, or in Kwadratowa and Autsajder, which are a good choice for every day.


Sunday: Didn’t you have enough? Take a breath, next week is coming and you will need all your forces.


Of course, these are only some chances you have. Make your own experiments, find other places and discover Gdansk as it really is. Sky is the limit!


Iñaki Dorronsoro